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An Unexpected Lesson in Birding, and other Pandemic Hobbies.

An audio entry. On May 1st, 2021, I sat down on a rainy evening in Oaxaca, Mexico with landscape architect, nature enthusiast, and birder Iris Van Diel. At the time I was interviewing her for an article I had been tasked to write during my journalism internship at Envia; an organization that provides interest free…

A Peek into the Creative Lives of the Indigenous Women of Oaxaca, Mexico

The Oaxacan sun is already peaking when our small group of Fundación En Vía volunteers and employees pile into the tour van at 9am. We are the pilot tour; a group consisting of two photo journalists, a translator, a prospective En Vía tour guide and communications intern, the new tourism coordinator, me, a communications and…

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